Major Equipment International Ltd. – Picture-Perfect Mowing

A company which makes machines to cut grass with the precision needed for a perfect lawn can appreciate the accuracy of Jamestown’s plasma cutting techniques.
The Company
Founded in 1976, Major Equipment Intl. Ltd.  Is a family firm based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, which also has offices in the UK and the Netherlands.  Employing 95 people, the company currently exports all over the world, and envisions a future including expansion in the European Union.
The Products
The company designs and manufactures a range of tractor-driven grass-cutting equipment for use in settings which range from agriculture to high-precision environments such as sports fields and racecourses.  The company is proud of its reputation for the reliability and longevity of its products, which are used to trim show-case turf including the gorgeous striped lawns at Sherborne Castle, an exclusive wedding venue in Dorset, England.
The Challenges
In a fiercely competitive market, Major Equipment International Ltd. needs to employ every possible strategy to maintain and increase its market share.  In particular, wastage during the production process has to be kept to a minimum, which is why the company is implementing the system known as ‘Lean Manufacturing’ – a business tool which achieves improvements in productivity, speed and quality by eliminating waste.
Jamestown Manufacturing
Jamestown supplies steel for Major’s equipment manufacturing process, using its high definition and high-performance plasma profiling machines to cut steel plate with absolute accuracy.  Major International Ltd. sources metals from nine other supplies, but only Jamestown can provide this state-of-the-art plasma cutting service.
Why Jamestown?
In addition to Jamestown’s modern plasma machinery providing precision and speed, Jamestown’s use of the most advanced computer software ensures that steel plate usage is maximised, reducing costs without sacrificing productivity.  This helps Major progress towards its LEAN objective.
The Partnership – ‘Like a Marriage’
Gavin Potgieter of Major Equipment International Ltd. describes his firm’s relationship with Jamestown in positive terms, saying that they have achieved “about 95 per cent – we would like to get to 100 per cent.  All the products on our website have Jamestown steel in them.”
“I am happy to recommend Jamestown Steel as a supplier.  Aidan is a good businessman. Their product helps us to do our job better. These days it’s all about relationships- like a marriage. We have a good one with Jamestown.”