Nugent Manufacturing – A Pink Pod Hits Chelsea Gold

The versatility of steel is amply demonstrated in the exciting achievements of an award-winning manufacturing company, whose work at the Chelsea Flower Show hit international headlines.

The Company

Since its beginnings in 1998, Nugent Manufacturing has grown into a leading manufacturing company occupying an 11,000 square foot, purpose-built workshop in Naas, County Kildare. In 2015 the company was the Small Firms Association National Business Awards winner in the Energy & Environmental Sustainability category.

The Projects - Weird and Wonderful

Stephen Nugent, the company's founder and director, comments that 'nothing is too weird or wonderful for Jamestown'. So, the partnership worked well when Nugent were commissioned to manufacture some extraordinary steel components for Diarmuid Gavin's 'Sky Garden', which won a Gold Award at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. Central to this creation was a giant pink steel eye, inspired by the film 'Avatar', which was suspended 82 feet over the rest of the garden.

Another notable collaboration was on sculptor Bob Quinn's art work 'The Way Ahead', installed in 2013 on the Mullingar Bypass at Glongrowney. Cut from steel with a weathered finish, it is an abstract representation of Aoibh, the mother of the Children of Lir.

Why Jamestown?

Jamestown's customer focus has been a key element in their successful relationship with Nugent. In addition to their shared capacity for the weird and the wonderful, Nugent value Jamestown's quick reaction times and their professionalism. For the abstract sculpture, Jamestown's ability to use water-jet cutting was a key factor.

The Partnership

Mr. Nugent describes his company's successful relationship with Jamestown in these words:

"Certainly, without Jamestown there is a lot of work we couldn’t take on. We are treated equally and of the same importance as some of their bigger clients."

How long have you been in business?

Established 1998

How many employees do you have?


What are some of the objectives of your company currently?

Expansion - in the range of what we do. Busy with sites erections and looking for new business.

What challenges and objectives did you have on this project?

Practically all our projects they do the plates

Special Projects that we worked on together were the

Water Jet cutting - What would have happened if you did not identify a solution?

I couldn’t have done the job - I couldn’t have quoted for the job - we can bid on more projects because of what they do.

Who on the project team works with Jamestown?

On the Sculpture it was Jason Grey – but we are a small company and the whole team work together.

How did you hear about our product or service?

Nugent have been working with Jamestown since the beginning. I knew Fiacra - and would have dealt with him before that.

Who was involved in the selection process?

My decision

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

Nothing is to weird or wonderful for Jamestown. It’s down to their attitude, how quickly they react - they have a lot of big clients and I know we are not one of them and they treat you the same - big or small.

Was Jamestown Manufacturing part of the design process?

Yes, they are part of all our projects. At the tender - quote stage - we would send them details and price it for us which would guide the value.

How long does it take to complete the project?

Delivery - depends on the workload - if they are busy - we wait - same as us all.  There are times that it is busy or slow - but they always deliver.

Do they meet your expectations?


Is there an aspect of the product or service that you rely on most?

Professionalism - we get asked to solve problems in our industry - Jamestown can help you with that. The personal touch - when they were in Newbridge I could call in and they were always available - even though it might be on a drawing or a sketch - to actually go and talk to someone face to face to work through the design is helpful.  Aidan is like a big child- he is so proud of his factory - You could get a call from him to say - come down and have a look at this new bridge we are building - he loves what he does.

How is responsive was Jamestown Manufacturing regarding Health and Safety?

No problem- no issues ever.

In what ways does this enhance your competitive advantage?

Absolutely – they can produce stuff that we couldn’t’ - for instance on the motor way art - there was a requirement for water jet - we could not have quoted for this job without Jamestown.

Would you use them again? Would you recommend them to a friend?

Yes, I would use them again. I would not recommend them to a competitor but a friend.

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