Precision Components at the Former Olympic Village

Perfect Matching of Components Jamestown faced difficult challenges on this project. The construction techniques employed by the project called for a very high degree of accuracy in the making of the large steel brackets. The Steel components, that were fabricated off-site, needed to match perfectly once delivered. The degree of precision required was much greater than normally required; the tolerances were as small as +/-0.25 millimetres. Careful Planning Jamestown's management team worked with the project designers to plan fabrication and welding step by step. With massive welds (80mm full penetration butt welds) so close in proximity to each other, Jamestown’s fabrication expertise was needed to ensure the brackets were made in a sequence that ensure the finished bracket was in tolerance. In addition to the tight tolerances, the team needed to allow for high level weld testing and intricate designs. Other issues included the machining of heavy plates, and line boring of circular sections. The grades of steel used were S355K2 and S460NL plate. Welding and Timescale Challenges The project engineer called for many heavy butt welds, presenting a further set of challenges for the engineers. Jamestown also had to deal with a short timescale; from start to finish, Jamestown's involvement lasted two and a half months. Innovative Construction Method The method used for construction at this site had been used twice before in the Netherlands, but never in the United Kingdom. The method is having great potential for the future, as it reduces the need for cranes, thus helping to keep costs down and avoiding the project disruptions that can be caused by adverse weather. This method also proves to be more environmentally friendly than currently used. The Best New Place to Live This exciting housing development in Newham, which was formerly home to 23,000 athletes, will provide 2,818 flats for rental. East Village will help to meet the acute need for new homes in central London. The site is surrounded by greenery, being close to the River Lea and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and has easy access to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. It was recently selected as “the best new place to live” at the London Planning Awards. Successful Collaboration Cormac McElvaney of Steel Solutions commended the Jamestown contribution to the East Village project, saying: "The brackets fitted perfectly on site." This was a project requiring a high degree of cooperation between different contractors. Its successful completion testifies to the commitment and expertise shown by everyone involved.