Steel Profiling Services that Can be Relied on Every Time

One of our regular clients here at Jamestown is LMH Engineering, one of the market leaders in mechanical and structural engineering solutions. Currently, they are aimed at growth in the data centre and pharmaceutical work. Since 1966, LMH Engineering has been providing its clients with a full design, manufacture and installation service on products which include:
  • Conveyor systems with the associated steelwork, chutes and hoppers
  • Structural steel
  • Secondary steel, mezzanine floors, handrails, walkways and stairways
  • Maintenance services
  • Marine – specialised manufacture and supply of fender systems for bridge abutments and quay walls
  • Cor-Ten steel – a high-strength ally weldable steel with excellent weather resistance
To ensure that LMH Engineering can offer its clients the best quality products available, the company relies on steel from Jamestown, which is vital for the completion of most of its projects. Here at Jamestown, our working relationship with LMH Engineering goes back more than thirty years when we first asked the company to complete some work for us! Nowadays, Jamestown is proud to be able to offer LMH Engineering the quality steel that enables them to provide their own clients with the very best that Ireland has to offer when it comes to structural steel. Whether we’re just supplying the steel, or collaborating with LMH on the design process too, we are committed to making sure that we deliver within LMH Engineering’s deadlines every single time. Our steel profiling services includes the use of a water jet cutter which can cut the materials without interfering in its inherent structure. This enables metals to be cut without harming their basic properties and the process is flexible, allowing for detailed cutting work in a wide range of applications. LMH Engineering relies on Jamestown for the steel used in so many of its projects, our commitment to quality and reliability means that the company can guarantee its clients a quality product within their deadline. Testimonial – Jamestown provide customer value and commitment to quality. Andrew Fenelon, LMH Engineering