Steel Solutions – Royal Mint Gardens

Construction of the Royal Mint Gardens development in central London presented a number of challenges, not least the fact that the site stands over busy railway lines.

Building in Airspace

As Network Raill viaducts and DLR tracks covered most of the footprint of the site, great ingenuity was required to lay down foundations. Piles had to be placed wherever possible, and a large section of the building, approximately 15 x 50 metres in extent, is supported in airspace over the railway lines, which were first encapsulated with a concrete deck.

A Successful Collaboration

That this difficult project is proceeding successfully owes much to the partnership between Jamestown and Steel Solutions, the latest of many fruitful collaborations between these two leading construction companies. Jamestown delivered, and were actively involved in designing, 32 tonne plate girders with full power bandwidth welds. Steel was used to construct the large ccantilevered frame which spans the encapsulated deck and supports the upper storeys of the building.

Completion on Schedule

The steelwork element of the project, which lasted two months was completed on time without unnecessary disruption to the rail tracks. A sophisticated system of springs ensures that the building will not be affected by vibration from the railway line.

An Historic Site

Designed by award-winning architects Farrells, this large development is on an historic site, which was the home of the Royal Mint from the seventeenth century until the 1960s. It will include luxury residential accommodation, with a swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium and cinema, close to the Tower of London and Saint Katharine Dock. On the ground floor will be retail and office space. The apartments on the upper floors will have extraordinary views over the Thames and the Tower of London. Royal Mint Gardens is destined to become one of London’s most prestigious address.

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